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    What is MYP?

    MYP focuses on values, intellectual development, international awareness, and social responsibility.
    MYP curricumlum is a rigorous, structured curriculum developed by teachers, that uses the application of problem solving skills, hands on activites, and innovative learning techniques.

    Students in the MYP are provided with meaningful learning expereinces through interdisciplinary lessons with real world connections and are motivated to reflect on their learning.

    Curriculum Model

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    The six Global Contexts are the contexts through which the curriculum content interacts with the real world. Using these global contexts in planning and teaching helps students by providing relevance and meaning.

    Identities and relationships
    The focus questions are ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who are we?’

    Orientation in space and time
    The focus question is ’What is the meaning of “where” and “when”?’

    Personal and cultural expression
    The focus question is ‘What is the nature and purpose of creative expression?’

    Scientific and technical innovation
    The focus question is ‘How do we understand the world in which we live?’

    Globalization and sustainability
    The focus question is ‘How is everything connected?’

    Fairness and development
    The focus question is ‘What are the consequences of our common humanity?’

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