• Welcome to the Guidance and Counseling Page

    The HHHS Guidance Department helps interested students plan their high school careers, work toward their future goals, and cope with personal needs/responsibilities.   HHHS students are divided alphabetically into "houses" by last names.  You can contact each counselor through the email listed or by calling the office.
    Counselors’ Alpha Divisions

    House 1   A – Cha and TBI              Daniel Stovall daniel.stovall@killeenisd.org

    House 2   Che--Gat                        Wendy Perry wendy.perry@killeenisd.org

    House 3   Gau – K                          Cassie Scott cassie.scott@killeenisd.org

    House 4   L – O                              Patricia White patricia.white@killeenisd.org

    House 5   P - Smi                           Sherce Hampton sherce.hampton@killeenisd.org 

    House 6   Smo – Z                          Kimberly Shultz kimberly.shultz@killeenisd.org


    Phone:  254-336-0842       Please feel free to call for an appointment.

    Counseling Secretary                       Gayle Wilson gayle.wilson@killeenisd.org

    Office hours:   8:00am - 4:30pm

    Registrar Office Phone:  254-336-0816/0870

    Registrar                                     Marcia Cantu marcia.cantu@killeenisd.org

    Registrar Secretary                      Aimie Stewart aimie.stewart@killeenisd.org

    Registrar Secretary                      Christi Curb  christi.curb@killeenisd.org