2018-2019 East Ward Elementary Teacher Of The Year

 2018-2019 East Ward Elementary Teacher Of The Year
Chelsey Wasson was born and raised in Killeen, Texas. Growing up in a military town gave Ms. Wasson the unique opportunity to be raised around all different cultures, religions, and ethnicities.

The daughter of a military veteran and an educator, Ms. Wasson was raised that education came first. She was amongst the first students to attend the Texas Bioscience Institute, a dual credit program that allows high school students to attend college while still enrolled in high school and proceeded to graduate in the top 10% of her class at Ellison High School.

Chelsey obtained a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a Minor in Forensic Science from Baylor University in 2013. Throughout her time at Baylor, Chelsey was able to participate in numerous archaeological excavations around Texas. One of the highlights of her career was digging at the Gault site, a site famous for discovering Pre-Clovis artifacts, pushing the date of earliest human habitation back by at least 2,500 years. Another exciting accomplishment in her career was being able to work with a team from National Geographic to excavate dinosaur footprints in Glen Rose, Texas.

After her graduation from Baylor University, Ms. Wasson continued to pursue Archaeology. She became a team leader at the Texas Archaeological Field School, as well as a mentor for the Baylor Archaeology Field School. It was there while mentoring the Baylor students that Ms. Wasson discovered her love of teaching.

Ms. Wasson followed her passion for teaching and began volunteering at schools around the central Texas area. She began working towards her teaching degree by attending Region 12 in Waco, Texas for her Alternative Teaching Certificate.

After completing her alternative certification program and getting certified in EC-6, Ms. Wasson began teaching at East Ward Elementary in Killeen, Texas. She completed two years as a third-grade teacher and is currently in her third year of teaching at East Ward Elementary as a second-grade teacher. Ms. Wasson continues to pursue her love of science by volunteering as a Science Olympiad coach, specializing in environmental events.

Working with students has really brought Ms. Wasson’s career full circle. Having a strong background in human studies has allowed Ms. Wasson to better understand what makes each child unique. She truly enjoys bonding with her students and imparting her strong love of learning on them. She hopes that every child who leaves her classroom leaves with the confidence to take on the world.